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Residential Fencing in Jacksonville, FL

Home and business owners throughout Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding communities trust H & W Fence for residential fence installation services. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professional installers can handle any size residential project and most small-to-medium size installations. We have the proper tools and equipment to ensure proper installation for a long-lasting result that looks fantastic while providing privacy to your home. Throughout our decade of service, we have assisted many property owners throughout the area, and we’re confident we can help you too. Meet with our professional installation team today to get started.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Residential Fence?

Fences have long been associated with the American dream of owning a home. There are many benefits to installing a new fence on your property. Whether you’re considering installing a brand-new fence or you need to replace your worn one, you can trust us for reliable installation. Many of our residential projects can be completed in just a few days. We offer a wide range of fencing materials, including vinyl, chain-link, and wooden, to fit your style and budget. Some of the benefits of installing a new residential fence include:

Added Security

If you have lawn furniture or other valuables such as tools or a shed on your property, they may become targets for theft and vandalism. Installing a new fence will deter many passersby who may damage your property.


A new fence can provide you, your friends, and your family the privacy they need to enjoy the outdoor space. Our team can install a privacy fence around your entire property, pool, or patio.

Property Marker

Installing a new fence is also ideal if your property line is adjacent to a wooded area to prevent the brush from overwhelming your yard. If you have a small yard near your neighbor's, you may want to install a fence to denote your property line.

Kids and Pets

Allow your children and pets the freedom to play outside without having to worry about them wandering off.

Tall Board on Board Fencing

Benefits of Installing a Fence

As a business owner, it’s essential to consider how you can protect your property, employees, and customers while still maintaining a beautiful curb appeal. At H & W Fence, we can handle most small and medium size fencing projects – regardless of the industry. Our high-quality products can withstand daily wear and tear so that you can focus on your business. Learn more about the benefits of installing a new fence.

  • Protection – Prevent passersby from entering your property by installing a fence. A new fence will prevent intruders from easily accessing valuables while cutting down on vandalism.
  • Restrict Access – Install a chain-link fence around restricted areas, such as a dumpster and other utilities, to ensure only the right personnel have access.
  • Improve Foot Traffic – Aluminum fences around pathways and entryways can help direct foot traffic on your property while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

Install Your New Fence Today

If you need to install a new fence or replace your old, broken fence, then contact the experts at H & W Fence for residential fence installation. We have access to high-quality fence materials that ensure a long-lasting result. A new fence can improve the curb appeal of your property while keeping it safe. Contact us today to schedule your fence consultation.

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